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We are pleased to announce that three new upcoming brokerage events for the Horizon Europe program will be organized by the beginning of 2024:

1. Human Centric AI for accelerated digital transformation – 18-19 January 2024 – Brussels, Belgium

The event targets AI solitions providers or those seeking to adopt such solutions, European research centers, European Digital Innovation Hubs, entities interested in technological partnerships and exploring EU funding opportunities. It aims to foster new business contacts and partnerships in technological research and development, particularly in the field of AI.

Onsite participation is sold out, but remote registration is available until 17 January 2024.

2. Research to Reality – Digital Solutions to European Challenges – 5-6 February 2024Brussels, Belgium

The event is dedicated to exploring the dynamic interplay between cutting-edge research in digital technologies under Horizon Europe and the impactful digitalization initiatives within the Digital Europe Programme. It is open to all individuals and entities engaged in the field of digitalization, covering research, policy, or business.

3. Successful R&I in Europe 2024 – 11th European Networking Event- 15-16 February, 2024 – Dusseldorf, Germany

The networking event is structured with parallel workshops focusing on eight topics including Health, Creative Industries, Digital Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Energy, Mobility, Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Ressources, Agriculture, Environment, and Innovation Procurement (PCP/PPI). The event addresses universities and research institutes as well as companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises.

Registration is open until 8 February 2024.

Brokerage events are designed to facilitate matchmaking and networking opportunities, specifically aimed at helping develop high-quality proposals for upcoming Horizon Europe calls, build consortia, and exchange ideas and experiences between experts worldwide.

NOTE: If you have already registered and need financial support to participate in these Brokerage events, you can apply for NCP_WIDERA.NET Travel Grants.

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