National Contact Point

Since 2006, SIPAC team members have been nominated as National Contact Points (NCP) for the framework Programmes for Research and Innovation of the European Union. SIPAC serves as the official coordinating entity of the EU’s Horizon Europe NCP network in Armenia.
Within this role, SIPAC provides information and advisory support, organizes information events and trainings for research institutes, universities, companies and other research intensive organizations to promote their participation in European Programmes.

Consultancy and Assistance

SIPAC’s assistance services for preparation of grant applications and project proposals include:

  • Identification of appropriate national and international grant programmes;
  • Developing a new project idea and guiding towards the suitable funding scheme and programme;
  • Building the optimal consortium with national and European networks;
  • Structuring the project proposal and refining the technical and scientific content;
  • Outlining the proposal budget;
  • Completing the administrative forms and submitting the application;
  • Providing support in the phases following the successful application of the proposal: from the negotiation of the contract to the various implementation phases, such as the financial statements and exploitation of the results.

Information and Training

SIPAC disseminates information on national and international research and technological development programmes to registered users, organizes information and promotional events, seminars and trainings. The agenda of information and training events can be developed according to the needs of our clients.

Technology Transfer

SIPAC is a member of Enterprise Europe Network and, in this role, it has its objective to facilitate Technology Transfer on national and international levels addressing the needs of companies, research institutions and organizations at three levels:

a. Information (e.g. funding opportunities)
b. Mediation (e.g. partnership support)
c. Support & Advice (e.g. technology marketing, audits, technology watch, etc.).

Policy Studies and Analysis

SIPAC objectives also involve making policy studies and analysis for national and international organizations on internationalization of science and innovation, participation in international programmes and promotion of bilateral and multilateral cooperation, as well as develop recommendations on improvement of R&I ecosystem and cooperation.