The Enterprise Europe Network (ENN) is a European initiative aimed at providing innovation and business support to all businesses across the European Union and beyond. Launched officially in February 2008, the EEN comprises of around 600 partners in more than 60 countries offering a wide range of services to businesses. The Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond. The offered services are free of charge and are rendered by more than 600 member organizations, including chambers of commerce and industry, technology centers, universities, development agencies, research organizations and others

Starting from 2008 the Fund “Investment Support Center” (former SME DNC fund) is a member of Enterprise Europe Network.The activities of the EEN Armenia are directed to help local businesses to innovate and grow internationally, including opportunities to enter European markets, development of their innovative capacities and technological advancement.

Starting from 2016, the Fund “Investment Support Center” has created a Consortium with the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Armenia, which provides services to the research-driven SMEs and start-ups.

The main objectives of the EEN Armenia are as follow:

  • Formation of internationally competitive SMEs and increasing of transboundary cooperation opportunities of SMEs by provision of internationalization and innovation support.

  • Development of research and innovation capacities of Armenian SMEs promoting the trans boundary technology cooperation.

  • Provision of innovation support services to SMEs with the aim to develop their innovative capacities and technological advancement.

These objectives are achieved via following services:

Horizon Europe Services

With the aim to promote more active participation of SMEs in EU Horizon Europe programme the following services are provided to the potential HE applicants by EEN Armenia:

  • Dissemination of information and awareness raising

  • Organization of information events, trainings and Brokerage Events

  • Assistance and consultancy on preparation and submission of project proposals

  • Partner search

  • Continues advice from idea to project submission and project implementation

  • Facilitation of participation of applicants in Brokerage Events in EU member states

Innovation support services

  • Support to innovative SMEs on participation in EU HE EIC Accelerator via consultancy, partner search, continues advice during application preparation and submission

  • Dedicated support services for beneficiaries of EIC Accelerator (KAM – Key Account Management Services)

  • Services to improve company’s innovation management (EIMC- Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity)

  • Technology Transfer – Help in finding the right technology to improve company’s innovation, as well as promoting company’s technology worldwide.

For more information please visit EEN Armenia website: