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We are excited to announce several upcoming brokerage events for the Horizon Europe program scheduled for this year:

1․ SICUR 2024 Brokerage Event – 27-28 February 2024 – Madrid, Spain

This event focuses on fostering collaboration in the security sector, particularly within the Horizon Europe Cluster 3 “Civil Security for Society” community. SICUR will bring together various stakeholders, including SMEs, start-ups, corporates, research centers, associations, professionals, authorities, and end-users, to showcase and explore the latest technological advancements in security, cybersecurity, fire and emergency security, and workplace safety.

Registration is open until 26 February 2024.

2․ Transport Research Arena – 17 April 2024 – Dublin, Ireland

The Transport Research Arena (TRA) is a premier European transport event covering all modes of transport and aspects of mobility. TRA provides an excellent platform for researchers, policymakers, and industry representatives to engage in discussions on how research and innovation can reshape the transport and mobility landscape.

Registration is open until 17 April 2024.

3․ Secure Societies 2024: Horizon Europe Cluster 3 Brokerage Event – 30 Apr 2024 – Istanbul, Türkiye

This event aims to facilitate collaboration among key stakeholders from EU Member States and Associated Countries involved in civil security research on a large scale. It targets researchers, research institutions, universities, operators, SMEs, companies in the civil security sector, and anyone interested in civil security and participation in projects within the Horizon Europe Cluster 3 Civil Security for Society Call Topics of 2024․

4․ SMI2G – Security Mission Information & Innovation Group Event – 23-25 May 2024 – Paris, France

The SMI2G brokerage event brings together innovators and practitioners from across Europe seeking consortium partners to address the challenges outlined in Horizon Europe’s Civil Security for Society 2023-2024 Work Programme. SMI2G features keynote speakers, expert panel discussions, and pitch sessions related to the respective calls.

Brokerage events are designed to facilitate matchmaking and networking opportunities, specifically aimed at helping develop high-quality proposals for upcoming Horizon Europe calls, build consortia, and exchange ideas and experiences between experts worldwide.

NOTE: If you have already registered and need financial support to participate in these Brokerage events, you can apply for NCP_WIDERA.NET Travel Grants.

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