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The next call for the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) Doctoral Networks will open for submissions as of 30 May and will dedicate € 434.8 million to fund over 130 projects in all scientific fields and the training and skills development of 1600 doctoral candidates.

MSCA Doctoral Networks implement doctoral programmes through consortia of organisations from different sectors across Europe and beyond, and expose researchers to the academic and non-academic sectors, offer them research training, as well as transferable skills and competences relevant for innovation and long-term employability.

Applicants for MSCA Doctoral Networks should consider a few helpful tips and follow 6 steps to get started preparing proposals:

Step 1: get familiar with how funding works,
Step 2: make sure their organization can apply,
Step 3: find the best partners to prepare proposal,
Step 4: start drafting the application,
Step 5: check the application with their peers,
Step 6: submit the application.

The MSCA are open to all domains of research and innovation, chosen freely by the applicants, and have a strong focus in interdisciplinary, international and intersectoral cooperation.

Applications will be accepted until November 28, 2023.
For more information and to learn how to write a successful proposal step by step, check out the guide.

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