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The Orbeli Institute of Physiology (OIPH) of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia has been granted a five-year ERA CHAIR funding of 2.4 million euros under the Horizon Europe program, the European Union’s primary funding initiative for research and innovation.

OIPH is about to undergo a significant transformation as part of the Horizon Europe ERA Chair project. Running from 2022 to 2027, this initiative aims to change the dynamics of research at OIPH, elevating it to new levels of innovation and global impact.

ERA Chair Holder, Prof. Narine Sarvazyan, a distinguished Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, brings unparalleled expertise to the ERA Chair Project.  During her career spanning nearly three decades, Professor Sarvazyan has made significant contributions to the field of cardiac physiology.

Under the proficient guidance of the chosen ERA Chair, the OIPH is ready for important improvements:

  • establishment of a regional biovisualization research excellence center,
  • creation of a new OIPH laboratory with a focus on hyperspectral imaging of surgical targets,
  • assistance in the implementation of several state-of-the-art protocols in the field of tissue engineering,
  • improvement of OIPH research compliance environment by bringing animal care, biosafety and human subjects committees to the European standards,
  • establishment of an institute-wide training in scientific writing and grant management.

To ensure the longevity of these research efforts, OIPH aims to establish collaborations with regional medical centers. These collaborations will not only enrich the research environment but also facilitate the clinical implementation of novel imaging techniques and tissue engineering products, directly benefiting the local population.

With a dynamic research staff of 89 FTE, OIPH boasts a gender-balanced team with 54 female researchers. Over 40% of the researchers are supported by competitive funds from the EU, USA, and local government, showcasing the institute’s global reach. OIPH researchers have refined their scientific skills through numerous short and long-term training programs in EU and US labs.

OIPH has several ongoing educational programs that have formed a group of specialists from diverse fields, showing a keen interest in both the academic and business aspects of bioimaging and TERM-related products. These junior researchers will play a pivotal role in supporting the ERA Chair holder, offering competence in addressing research, compliance, and logistical challenges.

The OIPH Institute’s ERA Chair project is not just about generating scientific impact, it also aims to enhance expertise in R&D and promote Open Science. Through these efforts, the project aims to drive progress in scientific, economic, and societal realms.

ERA Chairs actions focus on institutional changes and increase in research capacity in the European Research Area (ERA). They support universities or research organizations from eligible countries, to attract and maintain high-quality human resources and help scientists and their teams to become game changers in their field.

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