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Thanks to Hop On Facility Action call the organizations from Widening countries, including Armenia, have the opportunity to join ongoing Horizon Europe projects and become part of already formed consortia. With the budget of 40 mln. euros, Hop On Facility Action is planned to fund 80 running projects within Horizon Europe’s 2nd Pillar or EIC Pathfinder for including one additional participant from the Widening country. The new entrant from the Widening country must carry out a clearly defined task within the project, which can be funded up to 100%.

How to become part of an ongoing project(s) is described below.

Step 1. Go through the list of the ongoing projects of Horizon Europe and find a suitable project(s), get acquainted with its details, members of the consortium. It is recommended to check the list regularly, as it is updated from time to time.

Step 2.  Contact the project coordinator showing the interest in becoming part of the project(s) and how you see your involvement in the project(s). You can contact the coordinator through your account on the Funding & tenders portal. In case, if you do not have an account, you can register at the following link:

Step 3. If you haven’t found an ongoing project that matches your research interests, then if you have a Horizon Europe call that has already expired, you can follow the updates of that call on its webpage to find the final winning project(s) (project names are available after the final contracts are signed). Repeat Step 2.

The next cut-off deadline Hop On Facility Action call is November 10th, 2022.

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