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Can you imagine joining an already selected collaborative R&I action within Horizon Europe? Doing this is now possible through the Hop On Facility Action which allows participants from Widening countries (including Armenia) join already-formed consortiums implementing their projects.

Ca. 40 mil. euros are planned to be distributed across 80 projects for including one additional participant from a Widening country to an ongoing project within Pillar 2 or the EIC Pathfinder for carrying out a specific task. The type of action/project should be Research and Innovation which can receive up to 100% funding.

The Commission has published a link on the Hop On Facility call page with the list of eligible running projects already funded under Pillar 2 and the EIC Pathfinder which is regularly updated. But this is purely an indicative list and applicants can identify other relevant consortia and potential partners out of the list.

The primary beneficiary of the budget received should be the new consortium member, and only the consortium coordinator can receive up to 10% of the increased budget as a coordination fee.

The cut off dates for 2022 to join an ongoing project are:

  • April 20th
  • November 10th.

More about the Call: Hop On Facility / Funding & tenders portal.

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